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High-Volume Twin-Screw Feeder

BEST Model TSF twin-screw feeder from Metso is designed for precise batching and weighing applications. The feeder’s dual-helix design combines fast, high-volume filling with accurate dribble flow at the end
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Economical Rotary Feeder for Bulk Material Handling Processes

The MD Series of rotary feeder valves is a material metering valve that immediately contributes tangible operating efficiency advantages, and long-term production and maintenance savings. The MD Series of rotary
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Vibratory Feeders Designed for Tough Jobs

BEST vibratory feeders manufactured by Metso Minerals Industries, Inc. are designed to smoothly convey products. Flow of material is adjustable, and the flow rate can be variable or fixed. Available
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Gravimetric Feeder Accurately Measures, Controls Any Free-Flowing Solid

The CentriFeeder™ with Integrated Control Valve (ICV) is both a controlled feed device and a mass flow measurement device in a single multi-functioning unit that will accurately measure and control
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Vibro Feeder is Designed for Metering Easily Damaged Materials

The MECHATRON® Coni-Steel Vibro Feeder is ideal for metering a wide variety of powders, granules, chips, flakes and fibers. With a uniquely designed maintenance free feed chute dry solid
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Heavy-Duty Weighfeeder Designed for Rugged Conditions

For weighing and feeding up to 500 tons per hour with minimal maintenance and care, the DMO Weighfeeder is the perfect solution for a variety of heavy-duty industrial applications. A
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