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Fluid Flow

Low-Pressure Drop Mass Flow Controller

Brooks Instrument, a provider of advanced flow, pressure, vacuum and level solutions, now offers a new Safe Delivery System (SDS®) option for its GF120 mass flow controllers. The GF120 SDS
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Digital Capacitance Manometers

Brooks Instrument, a world-leading provider of advanced flow, pressure, vacuum and level solutions, provides the CMC and XacTorr™ Series digital capacitance manometers. These devices incorporate industry-leading features to improve measurement
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New Tooling System Delivers Electronic Actuation

The Electronic Tooling System (ETS) modular electronic sealing device is scalable, providing a repeatable sealing force — ranging from a soft touch for delicate parts to a firm grip for
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Regulators for Low Pressure Controls

RHPS series TBRS and TBVS model regulators provide accurate pressure control in low-pressure gas systems. One common application is accurate control of a blanketing (inert) gas in a closed tank
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Versatile Flat Fan Spray Nozzles

The flat fan spray nozzles can be used in a wide range of spray applications. Flat fan nozzles cover a fan-shaped area on a single plane and are most appropriately
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