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Level Measurement

RF Admittance Point Level Sensor

January 7, 2013
The Model AP/APX RF admittance level sensor products add to the growing capabilities of BlueLevel Technologies for the point and continuous level measurement of powder, granular, liquid and slurry materials within a wide variety of industrial areas.
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Measure level or weight?

The correct answer depends on the objective
December 1, 2012
Do you ask yourself whether it’s best to measure level or weight? You should, in regards to monitoring your inventory of bulk solids in bins and silos.
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RF Capacitance Point Level Sensor

November 20, 2012
Monitor Technologies’ TrueCap® Model MK-2 RF Capacitance point level sensor is designed to provide a superior and stable sensitivity threshold making it a reliable solution for a variety of
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Vibrating Rod Level Sensors

November 15, 2012
BinMaster Level Controls announces the introduction of the standard VR-21 vibrating rod level sensor and solid extended VR-41 vibrating rod level sensor with approvals in the U.S. and Canada
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Vibrating Fork Point Level Sensor for Liquids

November 1, 2012
The Model VHL and Model VHL Mini liquid level detection sensors feature highly effective vibrating fork structures with piezoelectric technology. The standard VHL is equipped with a compact enclosure
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Liquid Level Sensor for Hydrostatic Level and Temperature Measurement

October 10, 2012
The AST45PT liquid level sensor provides two independent 4-20mA output signals for a level signal and a temperature signal. Users benefit from a single instrument installation, saving time and
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Liquid Level Displacer Transmitter

October 9, 2012
The Magnetrol Digital E3 Modulevel Liquid Level Displacer Transmitter, an intrinsically safe two-wire instrument used for continuous liquid level measurement, liquid/liquid interface level measurement or density control, utilizes a
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Versatile Rotary Paddle Level Indicator

August 22, 2012
From simple applications to the most vigorous, Rotonivo can provide a solution. Features include industry exclusive universal voltage for AC/DC, high temperatures to 1200 F, food grade stainless wetted
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RF Capacitance Point Level Indicators

July 18, 2012
4B Components Ltd., a worldwide manufacturer of material handling and electronic components, has designed an extended power shield for the Auto-Set series of RF capacitance point level indicators for
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Vibrating Rod Level Sensor

March 7, 2012
The Model VHS vibrating rod level sensor from BlueLevel Technologies is now available in a pipe extended version with overall insertion length ranging from 18 to 118 inches, which makes
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