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Tanks & Vessels

New Bulkhead Fittings for Thermoplastic, Metal Storage Tanks

BFAS Series Bulkhead Fittings (Tank Adapters) have been added to the company’s line of Bulkhead fittings and tank accessories, replacing the current BF Series. The new BFAS Series Fittings offer
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Handle Highly Abrasive Materials with Straight Line Aggregate Diverters™

Handle sand, gravel, whole grains, coal, and other difficult-to-convey materials efficiently and economically with maintenance-friendly Straight Line Aggregate Diverters™. Built with abrasion-resistant wear liners and a removable access door to
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High-Lift Box/Container Dumper Discharges Dust-Free

New TIP-TITE™ High-Lift Box/Container Dumper discharges dust-free into vessels six- to ten-feet above the plant floor. The dumper allows boxes and other containers to be loaded at floor level, sealed
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