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Weigh and batch of waffle ingredients automated

In ultra-competitive breakfast food industry, incremental productivity increases a must
A breakfast food company had to update its minor-ingredient weighing-and-batching system for waffle production. Fluctuations in raw-material availability meant recipes changed often.
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Weighing Systems

Pre-engineered and pre-programmed 920i FlexWeigh Systems are Rice Lake’s turnkey answer to many of manufacturing’s most commonly used weighing processes, providing clearly defined, immediate solutions for almost any operation.
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Weighbelt Feeders

For use in industries where precision weighing and metering of dry materials is required, Schenck AccuRate’s DEA stainless steel weighbelt feeders provide weight controlled feeding, weight indication and totalization for fragile materials.
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Stainless Steel Drum Scale

The DeckHand™ Portable Floor Scale from Alliance features stainless steel construction and is ideal for drum weighing applications where the risk of chemical spills are present or frequent wash-downs are required.
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