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Total Phosphate Test Kit

June 19, 2012
CHEMetrics announces the availability of a new test kit for the determination of Total Phosphate in wastewater. Control and monitoring of phosphate concentrations in wastewater are critical before water
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Measurement System for Free Chlorine

June 12, 2012
KROHNE, Inc. introduces the OPTISYS CL 1100, a device for determining the chlorine content in drinking water for measuring free chlorine in the emergency chlorination of waterworks. This measurement
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New report provides perspective on water analysis instrumentation

June 11, 2012
LOS ANGELES -- Strategic Directions International, Inc. announces the publication of Water Analysis Instrumentation: Essential Instruments for the Essential Element. The goal of this report is to provide a strategic
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pH Sensor Platform

May 29, 2012
The versatile S8000 Modular pH Sensor Platform is available as a submersion mounted sensor system, reducing measurement costs for open tanks and vessels as part of water and wastewater
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Versatile Turbidity Sensor

May 22, 2012
With advanced optical infrared (IR) sensing and intelligent electronics, the versatile Triton® TR6 Turbidity Sensor from Electro Chemical Devices, Inc., measures turbidity or suspended solids and can be combined
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Oxygen Demand Monitor

May 15, 2012
Challenge Technology’s ODM-100 Oxygen Demand Monitor provides real-time data of oxygen demand at any point in your plant’s process. The rugged unit can quickly be installed or moved from
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Reliable Handheld Instruments

May 1, 2012
Myron L manufactures reliable handheld instruments and monitor/controllers for managing critical water quality parameters: conductivity, resistivity, TDS, pH, ORP, free chlorine, temperature, alkalinity, hardness and LSI. Since the 1960s, the
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Water Sampling Bottles

April 24, 2012
The new range of Thermo Scientific Sterilin Water Sampling Bottles better protect samples against contamination and other damage after collection. Designed for either chlorinated or non-chlorinated water sampling, the new
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Analytical pH Sensors

April 10, 2012
Engineers and technicians looking for a flexible, cost-effective solution to monitoring sour water containing Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) compounds in oil/gas refineries will find the sulfide-resistant Models S10 and S17 Analytical
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Streaming Current Monitor

April 10, 2012
A durable and fast responding streaming current monitor is essential for reacting to changes in source water and keeping operating costs low. Unlike other Streaming Current Monitors, Hach Company’s AF7000
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