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Conductivity Meters

Engineers in search of a rugged conductivity sensor for high pressure, high temperature environments will find that the new CSX2 Conductivity Sensor from Electro-Chemical Devices offers maximum reliability and a
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Seawater Dechlorination Analyzer

The new Model DCA-23 Seawater Dechlorination Analyzer from Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) is a low maintenance measurement solution that requires no chemicals to monitor seawater chlorine levels accurately in a wide
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THM Analyzer

Developed by the Parker Instrumentation Products Division (IPD), the THM Analyzer is an integrated Purge-and-Trap Gas Chromatograph (GC) that provides results without sample preparation. Parker’s new analyzer can help
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Water-Resistant pH Meter

HM Digital is proud to release its new PH-80, an economically priced water-resistant handheld with a resolution of 0.1 pH and an accuracy of +/-0.02 pH. This easy-to-use tester is
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Chlorine Residual Analyzer

The REGAL Model CRA 5000 Chlorine Residual Analyzer by Regal Gas Chlorinators is designed to continuously measure the level(s) of free and/or total chlorine in the disinfection process of water
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On-Site VOC Monitoring of Water or Air

The CMS5000 Monitoring System provides continuous, unattended remote monitoring of air or water. Using gas chromatograph technology, the system analyzes and quantifies volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and toxic industrial chemicals
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