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Heating & Cooling

Electric Tote Warming Oven

Manufacturers have traditionally utilized secondary or back-up spill containment such as a nearby dyke, but the Sahara Hot Box has the capacity to contain a full tote release.
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Heating and Cooling in One Unit

Benko Products’ Sahara Batch Ovens are now available with heating and cooling in one unit. Roughly 80% of the unit shown is designed for heating to 350 F, while
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Drum and Bucket Warmers

The Powerblanket line of drum and bucket warmers replaces conventional band heaters, warming ovens and blowers for heating temperature-sensitive materials stored in plastic, metal and other containers. Utilizing patented
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Small Tank Heater with Replaceable Element Design

Designed primarily for the oil and gas exploration, power generation and chemical industries, Chromalox Small Tank Flange Heaters allow heating elements to be changed without draining the tank. Replaceable-style elements
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