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Mixing, Blending & Size Reduction

New Shredder Cuts Storage and Disposal Costs

March 21, 2011
The TASKMASTER TM2800 Shredder quickly shreds steel drums down to strips of metal for a major reduction in space, according to the manufacturer. It also facilitates the recovery of the
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High Capacity, High Performance Gyratory Sifter

February 21, 2011
The gyratory sifter offers high capacity and high performance in the same machine. Known for their durability, reliability and accuracy of separation, the sifters are used throughout the world to
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Sanitary, Low Profile Sifter

January 24, 2011
The company introduces a new sanitary sifter reduces height requirements while increasing screening capacity. The low-profile configuration employs two unbalanced-weight gyratory motors mounted on opposing exterior sidewalls of the unit,
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Leading Tab Mixer Produces Low Head Loss

November 8, 2010
The patent-pending multiple stage static mixer is suitable for a wide range of applications requiring thorough mixing with low head loss. The three-stage in-line mixer consists of a length of
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Easy-to-Clean High-Speed Mixer/Grinder Now Available

October 25, 2010
The mixer /grinder provides three critical characteristics in one machine: high-speed production, superior mixing capabilities and an easy-to-clean design. All of these features add up to a machine that produces
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Lab Model Attritor for Small Media Milling

October 18, 2010
The model combines the features of a standard wet grinding, laboratory batch mill with the added benefits of being able to handle small media milling. Typical benefits include simple operation,
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Blender Accurately Meters Ingredients

August 16, 2010
The 2-6 component blender can process material at a rate of 10-500 lbs/hr. The Allen-Bradley PLC-based blender controller comes standard. The controls simplify operations by providing a menu-driven interface screen
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Water Specialties Propeller Flowmeter for Well and Booster Station Applications

July 12, 2010
The propeller flowmeter can be used when flow measurement is needed in applications involving municipal ground water production wells and booster stations. A steel flanged-end tube meter with indicator-totalizer, the
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100-Gallon Capacity Sanitary Power Mixer

April 26, 2010
The patented mixer combines a low-speed planetary stirrer with a conventional high-speed disperser. Both agitators revolve on their own axis while at the same time on a common axis. The
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New High Shear Micronizing Wet Mill

April 12, 2010
The new innovative rotor-stator suspension milling technology provides an alternative to traditional media milling. To liquid pharmaceutical processors interested in suspension milling and micronization, the unit offers more than fifty
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