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Piping, Tubing, Hoses & Fittings

Proportional Relief Valves for Piping Systems up to One Inch Size

June 6, 2011
The RHPS series PRV model proportional relief valves provide proportional venting of overpressures for piping systems up to 1-inch size. End connections include NPT female, BSPP female, and BSPP male
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Flame-Free Press System Joins Pipe in Seconds

May 17, 2011
The Vic-Press is designed for off-the-shelf ASTM A-312 Schedule 10S stainless steel pipe. The system is an industrial-grade solution for quickly and reliably joining small-diameter piping systems, according to the
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Close-Coupled Pumps Designed for Low Pressure Applications

April 25, 2011
The 2000 Model WA and WB Pumps provide unmatched performance in a compact, close-coupled configuration. The close-coupled pumps are specifically designed for lower pressure, lower flow applications that do not
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New High Pressure PTFE Hoses Handle Up to 5,500 PSI

March 3, 2011
The High Pressure PTFE Hose Assemblies can handle high working pressures (up to 5,500 psi) while maintaining peak flow rates. The High PSI assemblies are manufactured with a heavy wall of
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PTFE Tubing Transports Corrosive Chemicals

December 13, 2010
The PTFE tubing is odorless, tasteless, non-wetting and non-leaching. Other advantages are PTFE’s ease in cleaning, anti-stick properties, resistance to extreme heat and cold and resistance to ultra violet rays.
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Extreme Duty Hose “Snaps” into Place

December 6, 2010
The extreme duty hose is designed to help route hoses over, under and through confined spaces and shaped to fit the design of the application. The hose is formed to
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Rotary with Stainless Steel Process Connection for Corrosive Materials

November 1, 2010
The stainless steel process connection for the company’s rotary level indicators is designed especially for use in corrosive materials. The 304 SS solid stainless steel fitting is available in both
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Lightweight PVC Tubing for Suction Applications

November 1, 2010
The PVC tubing provides an alternative to the bulk and weight of multi-layer rubber hoses for suction requirements. The tubing offers all-PVC construction along with flexibility and durability for a
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Retractable Coils Increase Heat Exchanger Life

August 23, 2010
The fluoroplastic coiled tubing is a spiral formed tube manufactured in FEP or PFA that consists of a single or double retractable coil in a single tube. In heat exchanger
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Coupling for Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastic Pipe

July 19, 2010
The coupling for fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) pipe offers efficient installation and is ideal for industrial applications such as fly ash, slurry systems, cooling water, waste water, condensate, mild acids/chemicals, oil
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