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Pumps & Seals

Positive Displacement Quaternary Diaphragm Pumps

January 16, 2014
Manufactured to be a more cost-effective alternative to standard solid plastic pump chambers, these injected molded PE pump chambers are assembled under controlled and clean conditions to accommodate a wide variety of pharmaceutical and biotech systems.
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Seal-less Drive Eccentric Disc Pumps for Chemical Applications

November 14, 2013
Mouvex® model SLC4 and SLC8 Seal-less Drive Eccentric Disc Pumps have been designed for use in general industry applications, as well as the handling of numerous chemical-based compounds, including isocyanates, polyols, additives, solvents, glues (starches and latex), paints and coatings (inks and resins), methacrylates and detergents.
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High-pressure Calibration Pump

October 4, 2013
The PGHP pump from Beamex is a pneumatic, high-pressure generator with air as the pressure medium. This pump is a practical, high-quality solution in calibrations where using liquids is forbidden, such as the gas industry.
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Energy-efficient Circulator

February 11, 2013
The Grundfos MAGNA3 is an energy‐optimized, variable-speed wet rotor circulator featuring a permanent magnet motor design that cuts power consumption up to 85 percent, as compared with other circulators in its class.
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Eccentric Disc Pumps

February 1, 2013
The SLC Series Seal-less Eccentric Disc Pump from Mouvex safely transfers and contains isocyanates thanks to its design that requires no magnets, no mechanical seals or packing.
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Mag Drive Liquid Ring Pumps

January 7, 2013
The NASH 2BM1 magnet drive pump series is an enhancement to the dependable NASH 2BE1 series.
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Edwards wins gold at 2012 International Business Awards

September 4, 2012
NIAGARA, N.Y. — Edwards Group Limited, a leading manufacturer of sophisticated vacuum products and abatement systems and a provider of related value-added services, has been awarded a Gold Stevie®
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Liquid Handling Pumps

July 23, 2012
VICI Valco’s Cheminert Model M6 and M50 Liquid Handling Pumps are a new generation of pumps for precision handling of liquids and/or gases, producing a bidirectional pulseless flow with
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Centrifugal Pumps Reduce Leaks and Failures

April 16, 2012
Griswold’s 811 Series ANSI Centrifugal Pumps utilize self-tightening impellers that reduce leaks and failures, making them ideal for a broad range of applications in the demanding liquid-terminal industry. The 811
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High-performance Vacuum Pump

April 2, 2012
The DRYVAC DV450 vacuum pump from Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum Gmbh combines dry-screw technology with compact design, silent operation, low ambient temperatures and minimal cooling-water consumption. The DV450 has an optimized
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