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Gulf companies invest in southeast Asia petrochemicals

February 1, 2013
Wealthy investors from the Arabian Gulf are eyeing markets in southeast Asia and investing huge sums of money in petrochemical production in the region.
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SCADA market for oil & gas propelled by Asia’s sprinting economy

January 29, 2013
Following the global recession of 2008-2009, the Asia market for supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) has rebounded strongly, growing at a near double-digit rate. Asia’s fast-growing economy is further boosting the market for SCADA oil and gas systems.
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Coal exports to China could cut carbon emissions, economists say

January 28, 2013
Two Stanford University economists claim that exporting coal to China will not be detrimental to the environment and actually will lead to a decline in the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.
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Asian chemical industry surge benefits acetic acid market

January 24, 2013
With new capacity coming online in the forecast period, China should continue to be the engine of global acetic acid growth over the next few years.
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Asian energy markets to change in coming years

January 22, 2013
The IEA believes Asia will be at the center of significant shifts in terms of energy supply and demand developments in 2013 and beyond.
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Chinese poultry farmers involved in drug scandal

January 18, 2013
Concerns have been raised over the safety of poultry meat being produced in China that farmers in Shandong Province have been using alarmingly high doses of illegal growth hormones to speed up the growth of their chickens.
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Chinese authorities waited five days to report dangerous chemical spill

January 14, 2013
Authorities in the northern Chinese province of Shanxi have apologized for waiting nearly a week to report a massive chemical spill into a major waterway.
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Cargill invests in Indian food processing sector

January 7, 2013
U.S. agribusiness giant Cargill has announced plans to invest in India's fast-developing processed food sector by constructing a $73 million corn milling unit.
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Indonesia to invest heavily in petrochemical industry

December 19, 2012
Indonesia is planning to boost its petrochemical industry and start exporting by 2016 thanks to two upstream petrochemical centers that will be constructed over the next couple of years.
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Chalco to invest in Indonesian alumina plant

December 10, 2012
CHONGQING, China — Aluminum Corporation of China Limited, China''s largest producer of aluminum, is planning to open new processing plants in Indonesia after the country reduced exports.
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