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21 Chinese miners killed in explosion

December 19, 2013
According to the State Administration of Coal Mine Safety, the mine was ordered to cease production in June because of numerous safety practice violations recorded there.
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FDA imposes new ban on Wockhardt drugs

December 4, 2013
Indian generic drug maker Wockhardt has been hit by a U.S. import alert for the second time this year.
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India starts aquifer mapping project

November 26, 2013
India is looking for new ways to improve its water management. Under a new pilot project launched by the federal Ministry of Water Resources, aquifers across six areas will be mapped using aerial technology.
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Sinopec pipeline blast kills at least 35 in eastern China

November 25, 2013
An eastern Chinese pipeline operated by Sinopec Corp exploded Friday, killing at least 35 people and injuring 166 more.
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Asian fuel supply to outpace demand by 2018

November 18, 2013
As the largest refineries in China and India continue to keep supply well ahead of demand for fuel across Asian markets, many refineries will have to work at a reduced capacity over the next five years.
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More Indian drug makers venture into US generics market

November 11, 2013
Companies like Macleods Pharma, Indoco Remedies, Intas Pharmaceuticals and Hetero Labs are venturing into the well regulated and lucrative U.S. market.
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Petrochemical industry to see rapid growth in Philippines

November 6, 2013
Like many industries in the Asia Pacific, the Philippines' petrochemical industry is expected to go through a period of rapid growth, fueled by an expanding economy and increasing demand.
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China's plan for synthetic gas plants may threaten water resources

November 4, 2013
China is preparing a move to create synthetic natural gas plants, which convert coal to gas. However, operating these plants requires huge amounts of water and this could put some areas of the country under serious water stress.
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China's wastewater treatment industry outlook revealed

October 28, 2013
China's wastewater treatment is lagging behind that of developed countries but its wastewater treatment capacity has increased over recent years, growing at an average annual rate of 14% between 2005 and 2012.
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India needs to develop food processing potential, industry group says

October 28, 2013
A new report predicts that the country could attract $33 billion of investment over the next decade, boosting the national economy and securing high profits.
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