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House of Lords committee calls for 'urgent' fracking regulation in UK

May 12, 2014
The UK urgently needs to regulate fracking, so that the country's economy can start benefiting from the opportunities created by shale gas.
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Sanofi looking to shed multi-billion portfolio to optimize assets

May 6, 2014
French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi SA is exploring options to sell a range of older drugs, with an estimated value of the portfolio between $7 billion and $8 billion.
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Oil & gas industry contributes £35 billion annually to UK economy

May 2, 2014
Although oil prices are persistently high and production is declining in the UK, the outlook for the oilfield services industry is very positive.
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Pharmaceutical sector roiled

Sanofi looks to shed multi-billion portfolio, Pfizer proposes $106 billion takeover to AstraZeneca
May 1, 2014
Based on patent expiries and for other reasons, the global pharmaceutical industry is going through a process of consolidation, impacting European suppliers.
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Pfizer proposes $101 billion takeover to AstraZeneca, reports claim

April 28, 2014
U.S. pharmaceutical company Pfizer has expressed interest in taking over Anglo-Swedish giant AstraZeneca for a total of $101 billion.
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EU chemical industry voices concern over proposed new packaging requirements

April 21, 2014
The additions to the legislation introduced by the European Parliament's Environment Committee go beyond what was initially planned, potentially putting processors and packaging companies under significant pressure to comply.
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Domestic demand to fuel Russia's petrochemical industry growth

April 21, 2014
The Russian petrochemical industry is set to benefit from increasing domestic demand over the medium term, with non-oil industrial sectors emerging as the strongest driving force for growth.
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Veolia outlines strategic move towards mining industry

April 16, 2014
French water and environmental services giant Veolia Environnement SA is looking to increase its share of sales to the mining industry.
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UK oil & gas companies upbeat for short-term growth

April 8, 2014
Over the next two years UK oil and gas companies anticipate that they will create as many as 39,000 new jobs.
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France wastes 20% of drinking water through leaky pipes

April 3, 2014
About 1.3 billion liters of drinking water every year are wasted in France due to water leaks.
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