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Blast at Essex chemical plant causes caustic soda leak

October 1, 2013
An explosion at an industrial chemical plant in southeast England on Thursday led to a leak of caustic soda, forcing local people to stay indoors for hours until the situation was deemed safe by the emergency services.
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Fish factory stops losing product into thin air

September 25, 2013
A recently installed humidifier helped refrigeration-equipment specialist ICS Cool Energy increase profits at a leading worldwide brand of canned fish by $1 million per year.
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FSA: Two in three chickens in Wales infected with Campylobacter

September 24, 2013
Welsh authorities have been trying hard to clamp down on the most frequent cause of food poisoning in the UK -- Campylobacter bacteria -- but so far they have seen little success.
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EU aims to recycle 62% of plastics by 2020

September 23, 2013
While only 24% of all plastics were recycled in 2013, a new study commissioned by Plastics Recyclers Europe says that an overall plastics recycling target of 62% across the European Union is achievable by 2020.
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BP awards contracts worth £1 billion For North Sea development

September 16, 2013
British oil giant BP announced last week that more than 30 UK companies have been awarded contracts worth a total of over £1 billion for the development of two oil fields in the North Sea.
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Total plans to increase hydrocarbon resins, polymer production in France

September 13, 2013
French oil and gas giant Total will invest EUR160 million to convert its Carling petrochemical platform by 2016 and plans to close the naphtha cracker during the second half of 2015.
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Chemical companies challenge EU ban on thiamethoxam

August 29, 2013
Swiss agrochemical company Syngenta is contesting in court the European Commission's decision to ban the use of thiamethoxam, a seed-treatment pesticide.
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EU launches first pipeline to Moldova

August 28, 2013
A pipeline connection between Moldova and the European Union has been established, as part of efforts by the EU to reduce European countries' energy dependence on Russia.
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Fatburner Dexaprine banned in UK, Netherlands

August 23, 2013
Slimming agent Dexaprine, produced by California-based company iForce Nutrition, has been banned in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom over concerns that the fatburner causes a number of life-threatening conditions.
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UK oil, gas production drops sharply

August 22, 2013
UK production of oil and gas has dropped sharply, raising questions over the future of the industry, British industry leaders have warned.
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