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North America

Canada's cabinet approves Northern Gateway pipeline

June 23, 2014
The Canadian government has given the green light to a proposed project for constructing a pipeline to a terminal at the Pacific Coast that would serve as a starting point for oil shipments to Asia.
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IEA: Canada can become global energy power but needs to manage costs

June 16, 2014
Canada can profit immensely from its oil industry if it plays its cards wisely and manages to keep project costs at a reasonably low level, according to the International Energy Agency.
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Canadian pipeline operators to assume liability for oil spill damage under new rules

June 5, 2014
Canada is toughening its rules concerning pipeline safety and response to spill damages, transferring the responsibility for oil spills to pipeline companies and making them liable for all costs associated with accidents.
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Canada, US improve oil & gas industry logistics

June 2, 2014
Even though Canadian pipeline operators are experiencing difficulties in having major projects approved by U.S. authorities, the links between Alberta's oil fields and refineries south of the border are getting better.
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Mexico's petrochemical sector to benefit from energy reforms

May 27, 2014
Mexico has been preparing for a significant shake-up of its energy sector, which may be particularly beneficial for the country's petrochemical sector.
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Canadian researchers work on new water treatment method to cut carbon dioxide emissions

May 22, 2014
Researchers at the University of British Columbia are working on a new technology that uses carbon dioxide and wastewater from oil and gas operations to produce reusable water.
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The case for crude oil exports

Shale ramifications slice a swath across upstream services, gas processing, petrochemicals and numerous points in between
May 1, 2014
Crude oil exports would be beneficial to the United States is the near-unanimous verdict of 30 economists in a recent Associated Press poll.
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Foodborne disease affects 4 million Canadians every year

April 14, 2014
Every year one in eight Canadians suffers from a foodborne infection, according to the Canadian Public Health Agency.
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TransCanada wins firm natural gas transportation commitments for ANR

April 7, 2014
Calgary-based pipeline operator TransCanada Corp. has secured long-term commitments for the transportation of nearly 2 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day via its ANR pipeline system.
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US accounts for 10% of global oil production

March 28, 2014
The nation's average daily output of tight oil between October and December last year stood at 3.22 million barrels per day.
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