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North America

Report praises Alberta for its pipeline safety

August 28, 2013
Alberta has the best regulatory framework of all Canadian provinces when it comes to pipeline safety and the oil and gas industry as a whole, a new independent review found.
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US petrochemical industry set for growth in 2013

August 26, 2013
Although not expanding at an astonishing rate, the U.S. chemical and petrochemical industries are experiencing steady growth, a report from Business Monitor International indicates.
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US pork exports slide 1% year-on-year in June

August 13, 2013
U.S. pork exports inched down 1% year-on-year in June, with 23.8 percent of pork produced in the country being shipped abroad.
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Canada's meat and poultry industry starts to recover

August 2, 2013
The Canadian meat and poultry industry accounts for about 10 percent of the total export of agriculture and food products and employs about 66,500 workers across the country.
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US oil, gas companies embrace recycling of fracking water

July 22, 2013
Many fracking companies in states like Texas, where drought is a major problem, are facing pressure from regulators to reduce the amount of water they use in their fracking fluids.
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Crude oil train explosion kills 60 in Quebec

July 15, 2013
About 60 people are believed to have died after the huge explosion of a train carrying oil from the Bakken oil region in North Dakota to a refinery on the east coast of Canada.
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Canada hikes oil spill liability cap to $1 billion

July 9, 2013
The reforms come at a time when several large companies have expressed interest in starting or expanding operations to drill in Canadian offshore areas.
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Questerre Energy announces results from resource evaluation

July 8, 2013
Canada's Questerre Energy Corp. has stated that results of the resource assessment of its acreage in the Montney Formation in the Kakwa-Resthaven area in Alberta revealed total reserves of about 130 million barrels of oil equivalent
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US, Mexico sign agreement to focus on joint oil & gas projects

July 8, 2013
This agreement will make it possible for the United States and Mexico's national oil and gas company Petroleos Mexicanos, or Pemex, to further develop resources in the Gulf of Mexico.
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British mining company takes US government to court over uranium mining

July 1, 2013
British mining company Vane Minerals has started legal action against the U.S. government over its decision to impose a moratorium on new mining operations for 20 years on more than 1 million acres outside the Grand Canyon.
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