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pH Sensor Platform

The versatile S8000 Modular pH Sensor Platform is available as a submersion mounted sensor system, reducing measurement costs for open tanks and vessels as part of water and wastewater
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Versatile Turbidity Sensor

With advanced optical infrared (IR) sensing and intelligent electronics, the versatile Triton® TR6 Turbidity Sensor from Electro Chemical Devices, Inc., measures turbidity or suspended solids and can be combined
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Oxygen Demand Monitor

Challenge Technology’s ODM-100 Oxygen Demand Monitor provides real-time data of oxygen demand at any point in your plant’s process. The rugged unit can quickly be installed or moved from
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Uranium Removal Process

Water Remediation Technology’s Z-92® process removes uranium by passing contaminated water through a fluidized bed of their proprietary Z-92® adsorptive media in treatment columns-without adding chemicals, generating liquid waste, or
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