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Ammonium Sensors

Water treatment engineers in need of a versatile and cost-effective Ammonium measurement solution will find that the new MVS10 and MVS17 Ammonium pION (Selective Ion) Sensors from Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD)
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Free Chlorine Sensors

Omega’s new series of free chlorine sensors feature amperometric measurement technology. The sensors are available in several ranges for detecting ppm levels of free chlorine. Choose the FCLTX-102 for 0
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Automated Filter Intelligence System

Fluid Conservation Systems has released an Automated Filter Intelligence System (AFIS) for its TriCorr Touch correlator. The new feature further increases the correlator’s ability to accurately pinpoint leaks. TriCorr Touch
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Membrane Contactors

Membrana-Charlotte recently announced the introduction of the 8 x 40 and 8 x 80-inch Liqui-Cel® Membrane Contactors to its degassing family of products. This new product design uses ASME code-rated
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Solids Contact Clarifier

The Layne solids contact clarifier combines chemical addition, mixing, flocculation and clarification functions in a single, flexible and space efficient unit. Layne solids contact clarifiers treat suspended solids, turbidity, color,
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Total Organic Carbon Sensor

The 5000TOCi sensor from METTLER TOLEDO Process Analytics Division features Intelligent Sensor Management™ (ISM) for continuous, fast and reliable monitoring of total organic carbon (TOC) levels. With fast response continuous
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