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Oil & Gas

Iraq unveils oilfields open for long-term contracts

June 30, 2008
According to Reuters, Iraq recently opened its giant oilfields to foreign firms, clearing the way for major investment by multinationals ushered out nearly 40 years ago under nationalization.The move is
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Valdez ruling hurts Alaska relationship with Exxon

June 27, 2008
Reuters is reporting that the state of Alaska vowed to tighten oversight on Exxon Mobil after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a $2.5 billion punitive damage judgment for the
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BP breaks ground on wind farm in Kansas

June 25, 2008
According to the Associated Press, BP PLC said recently it broke ground on a wind farm in Kansas.The first phase of the project, located about 60 miles southwest of Wichita,
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EPA issues permit for Shell''s Beaufort Sea sites

June 23, 2008
According to the Associated Press, a permit issued by the Environmental Protection Agency puts Shell Oil Co. one step closer to drilling in the Arctic this year, agency officials said.The
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SF sues Exxon Mobil over Fisherman''s Wharf pollution

June 20, 2008
According to the Associated Press, the city of San Francisco is suing Exxon Mobil Corp. over the company''s alleged failure to clean up hazardous pollutants from a fueling depot it
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W.Va. gas station bans most credit cards

June 18, 2008
According to the Associated Press, rising gas prices have led one Kanawha County station owner to ban the use of credit cards at the pump, and it may not be
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Chevron awarded $16 million Pentagon contract

June 16, 2008
According to the Associated Press, Chevron Corp. was awarded a $16 million Defense Logistics Agency contract to supply aviation fuel for the military, the Defense Department said.Shares of the San
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Exxon sells US gas stations to distributors

June 13, 2008
According to the Associated Press, Exxon Mobil Corp. said recently it''s getting out of the retail gasoline business, following other major oil companies who''ve been selling their low-margin stations to
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Congress wary of plastics used in toys, bottles

June 12, 2008
According to the Associated Press, chemicals used in baby bottles, toys and thousands of other household items are getting closer scrutiny from lawmakers amid concern they can cause developmental
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BP: Oil demand surge was a surprise

June 12, 2008
The Associated Press is reporting that BP PLC''s chairman said recently that oil companies didn''t make the necessary investments to clear the current supply bottleneck because they never expected demand
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