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Salmonella rates on raw chicken decline

November 5, 2013
Official figures indicate that in the second quarter of this year, the overall rates of prevalence of Salmonella on raw chicken carcasses in the United States fell by 34 percent compared to rates from the first quarter of 2013.
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Two-thirds of US aluminum cans recycled last year

November 5, 2013
U.S. aluminum can recycling rates reached the highest level in 20 years last year, highlighting the successful policy that metal companies have been implementing to reduce waste.
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USDA: Line speed hike could increase bird abuse

November 4, 2013
Under a new proposal from the USDA, the rate at which lines at slaughterhouses are moving can be increased so that plants can become more efficient, but this could further aggravate the problem of inhumane treatment of birds.
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Recession exacerbates meat consumption declines

November 1, 2013
As a result of the economy, consumers have scaled back the quality and quantity of meat purchased, while adverse health effects associated with red meat consumption have driven some consumers toward alternative protein sources.
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Cantaloupe farm owners plead guilty in listeriosis outbreak case

October 30, 2013
The owners of a cantaloupe farm in Colorado, which was linked to a food poisoning outbreak in 2011, have pleaded guilty to selling adulterated production.
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California importer recalls more than 15,000 pounds of salami

October 29, 2013
More than 15,000 pounds of salami products imported by Ferrarini USA are being recalled because they were not presented for import re-inspection, as required.
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Frozen bakery market to maintain steady growth through 2018

October 23, 2013
The combination of convenience and changing lifestyles will continue to drive expansion in the frozen bakery segment, with annual growth projected at 7.1% between 2012 and 2018.
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Colorado farmers to enter guilty plea in listeria case

October 22, 2013
Two cantaloupe farmers linked to one of the worst foodborne illness outbreaks in U.S. history will plead guilty to charges specified in the agreement they have struck with prosecutors.
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Salmonella strain linked to Foster Farms found in stores

October 15, 2013
A strain of Salmonella matching the one associated with the current multi-state Salmonella outbreak has been found in samples of raw chicken manufactured by California-based Foster Farms.
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US beef shipments blocked in South Korea

October 14, 2013
South Korea has banned the import of certain shipments of U.S. beef, following the discovery of the feed additive known as zilpaterol in meat supplied by the U.S. unit of meat processing company JBS.
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