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Food & Beverage

Canada looks to enhance food safety control

December 3, 2013
The Safe Food for Canadians Act may not come into effect before 2015, but the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has released a report describing the recent actions taken by the government to improve food safety.
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Meat industry challenges new rules for origin labeling

December 2, 2013
Some of the biggest names in the U.S. meat processing industry are spearheading an industry appeal in court, calling for a rethink of the rules requiring companies to specify the origin of meat on labels.
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E. coli in raw milk sickens nine children in Tennessee

November 26, 2013
The strain of E. coli that caused nine children to become ill in Tennessee has been traced to raw milk from the McBee Dairy Farm near Knoxville and samples from the milk matched samples of animal waste taken at the farm.
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US adopts international standards for beef trade

November 25, 2013
The federal agency has finalized a rule that effectively adopts the global standards presented by the World Organization for Animal Health.
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US poultry industry safer than ever

November 20, 2013
New figures released by the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics show that the rate of nonfatal injuries and illnesses among employees in the poultry sector has hit an all-time low.
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FDA proposes guidance on reducing acrylamide in foods

November 19, 2013
The federal agency has identified a series of possible approaches that farmers, manufacturers and food service operators can adopt to reduce the amount of acrylamide in food.
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FDA moves to ban trans fats in processed food

November 13, 2013
Trans fats, known for increasing bad cholesterol and raising the risk of heart attack, are commonly used by the food processing industry in products such as margarine, coffee creamers, frozen pizza, crackers and microwave popcorn.
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FDA to introduce animal food regulation

November 12, 2013
Rules in this particular area have never been implemented before and the proposal specifically addresses the manufacturing, processing, packing and holding of animal food.
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Global flexible packaging market to grow by 5.1%, report predicts

November 11, 2013
The global market for flexible packaging is set to grow by a compound annual rate of 5.1 percent between 2013 and 2018, reaching a total value of $99.6 billion by the end of the period, up on $73.8 billion last year.
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Listeria developing resistance to disinfectants, researchers find

November 6, 2013
One of the most common causes of foodborne diseases, listeria, is developing resistance to some of the most frequently used disinfectants that dairy processors use to get rid of the bacterium.
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