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Water & Wastewater

Microsoft data center to utilize sewage-fueled power plant

November 27, 2012
CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Microsoft is installing a stationery fuel cell power plant that will utilize renewable biogas generated by a wastewater treatment facility as the fuel source to generate
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Grain processor to pay $4.1 million penalty for polluting Mississippi River

November 14, 2012
WASHINGTON — Roquette America, Inc., has agreed to pay a $4.1 million civil penalty to settle allegations that it allowed industrial waste from its grain processing facility in Keokuk,
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Innovation: management concepts have lifecycles too

October 3, 2012

“Innovation,” as a management concept, was recently found by somebody or other to be, at the moment, the most over-used buzzword of them all. But you probably know that already, having been subjected to a steady stream of innovation rhetoric through B-to-B media or other venues. (Some amongst us will even remember the quality craze of the 1990s.)

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Next Generation of Dome Design

October 2, 2012
OptiDome™, the next generation in dome design, made its debut Monday at WEFTEC 2012 in New Orleans, La. CST Covers, a division of CST Industries, Inc., unveiled an innovative
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Submerged Hollow Fiber Modules

September 27, 2012
The PURON HF module is designed for tertiary treatment, high solids water applications, RO pretreatment and surface water treatment.
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Operational, financial benefits drive wastewater treatment in semiconductor plants

September 20, 2012
LONDON — Water and wastewater management opportunities are growing within the microelectronics and semiconductors manufacturing plants market to help address environmental restrictions, rising costs and the requirement for ever-decreasing
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So elemental it's everywhere

September 19, 2012

When this editor joined the Processing franchise about six months ago he was convinced that one key to success of a business trade magazine was focus: that the circulation, editorial content and advertising base should be a coherent whole.  And, based on a fair amount of training and experience, he still believes that today.

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Disc Aerator

September 19, 2012
The Model DA disc aerator from BlueLevel Technologies combines both aeration and gentle vibration, making it one of the best fluidizers available. The 4-inch diameter aerator uses FDA-compliant silicone
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FBS Inc. receives EPA contract to develop ultrasonic guided wave technology

August 9, 2012
WASHINGTON — FBS Inc., a manufacturer of ultrasonic guided wave technology, has received a $299,960 contract from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as part of the Small Business
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Bulk Liquid Thefts Highlight Need for Remote Monitoring Systems

May 24, 2012
Thefts of bulk liquids are on the rise — and the thieves are branching out. They''re not just targeting familiar valuable commodities like gasoline, heating oil or diesel fuel.
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