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Water & Wastewater

Dole Recognized at World Water Week in Sweden

September 16, 2010
In a press release, Dole Food Company, Inc. announced that the Company’s New Millennium Packing Plant in Costa Rica was recognized during World Water Week in Stockholm, Sweden. The Company’s
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Dole CEO Highlights Company Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Programs

September 8, 2010
Dole Food Company, Inc. President and CEO David A. DeLorenzo discussed the Company’s ongoing corporate responsibility and sustainability efforts in Central America in a forum organized by CentraRSE in Guatemala
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Canadian Government, AbitibiBowater Reach Settlement

August 25, 2010
According to the Associated Press, Canada has agreed to pay AbitibiBowater more than $100 million to settle the company''s claim over what it said was an illegal seizure of its
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Calgon Carbon gets Cincinnati Contract Worth $2.4 Million

June 29, 2010
The Associated Press reports Calgon Carbon Corp. has been awarded a contract by the city of Cincinnati worth $2.4 million to provide an ultraviolet disinfection system. The maker of water
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Wastewater Plant Managers Indicted for Worker Death

June 16, 2010
The fatal poisoning of an Ohio wastewater-plant worker two years ago has led to indictments against a company, two managers and an executive, reports In indictments released Wednesday, United
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Low-Pressure Automatic Water Filter Reduces Pump Energy Requirement

April 14, 2010
The new line of low-pressure automatic industrial water filters, features self-cleaning water filters range from 2-30-inches with flow rates range from 15-20,000gpm in a single-filter housing. Until now self-cleaning water
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Analyzer Simplifies Water Monitoring and Treatment

April 1, 2010
The analyzer is designed to measure Chlorine Dioxide in concentrations ranging from 0.05-20 ppm CIO2. It is ideal for application in municipal water systems, industrial cooling and rinse water, wastewater
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Low-Cost Oil Skimmer Removes Oils and Greases from Food Processing Wastewater

February 24, 2010
The oil skimmers use the differences in specific gravity and surface tension between oil and water, allowing the belt to attract frying oils, vegetable oils, greases, and animal fats
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How to Keep Your Wastewater Treatment Facility Up and Moving

February 22, 2010
The company manufactures products — such as chain drives to heavy-duty conveyor pulleys, belt drives to screw conveyors — that are used in every facet of the wastewater treatment industry.
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New Battery-Powered Water Meter

February 17, 2010
The WATERFLUX 3070 is a new measuring instrument that is an electromagnetic water meter for applications in the water and wastewater industry. Its 15-year battery life makes it ideally-suited to
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