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Water & Wastewater

Dewatering-Drying System Handles up to 50 Gallons Per Minute

February 9, 2010
The dewatering-drying system consists of a circular vibratory screener integrated with a circular fluid bed dryer that removes oversize and undersize particles, while dewatering and drying on-size material, according to
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Bhopal children poisoned by toxic water supply

December 1, 2009
Thousands of innocent people are being poisoned in Bhopal, India by the abandoned Union Carbide site leaching highly toxic chemicals into the water supply. The Bhopal Medical Appeal Water Report
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Abbott saves one billion gallons of water annually

November 3, 2009
In a press release, Abbott announced that it is saving 1 billion gallons of water annually since launching a comprehensive, global effort in 2004 to preserve natural resources through reducing
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Multi-jet water meter ideal for industrial and commercial applications

October 21, 2009
The multi-jet water meters with pulse output are ideal for commercial and industrial applications. The multi-jet design allows simplicity and accuracy with wide flow ranges, even in low flow
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Jury finds Exxon Mobil liable for contaminating NYC''s groundwater

October 19, 2009
According to the Associated Press, a jury has found Exxon Mobil liable for contaminating New York City''s groundwater with a gasoline additive and has awarded the city $105 million. The
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School drinking water contains toxins

September 29, 2009
Over the last decade, the drinking water at thousands of schools across the country has been found to contain unsafe levels of lead, pesticides and dozens of other toxins. An
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Survey finds water issues are the top environmental concern worldwide

August 19, 2009
Normal 0 0 1 431 2457 20 4 3017 11.1282 0 0 0 A comprehensive global public opinion survey on attitudes about fresh water sustainability, management and conservation finds
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Water treatment facility gets new membrane service and support package

August 13, 2009
KMS ASSIST® Service & Support Package Helps Keep Town of Franklin Water Facility in Top Shape Signing up with Koch Membrane Systems’ KMS ASSIST® Service & Support Package gave the Town of Franklin, Mass., just what it needed to keep its water treatment plant running at top performance.
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Bledsoe invests in water tech company

August 12, 2009
Normal 0 0 1 107 613 5 1 752 11.1282 0 0 0 The Boston Business Journal reports that former New England Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe’s investment firm has
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