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Water & Wastewater

UN study calls for sharp increase in water infrastructure investment

December 10, 2013
Raising investments in water infrastructure globally and cracking down on corruption would result in over $1 trillion per year in benefits related to health, the economy and environmental protection, according to a new study backed by the United Nations.
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Florida should explore desalination options, expert says

December 4, 2013
Florida needs to focus on desalination and invest in projects that could turn seawater into freshwater as it is facing a serious water scarcity problem.
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Nanocatalysts could remove nitrites from drinking water

December 2, 2013
Researchers at Rice University in Houston, Texas, have developed a method to reduce the level of nitrites in drinking water by using nanocatalysts.
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New Jersey wastewater plant uses anaerobic digestion to produce power

November 26, 2013
The Village of Ridgewood, N.J., has launched a new project at the local wastewater treatment plant that entirely relies on renewable energy.
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Vote on Huntington Beach desalination project delayed

November 19, 2013
Boston-based Poseidon Resources will have to put its plans to build the largest desalination plant in the Western Hemisphere on hold, following the decision taken by the California Coastal Commission to delay its final decision on the application.
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Groundwater contamination discovered around TVA coal-fired plants, report claims

November 18, 2013
TVA did not contest the findings but noted that it was moving to adopt a more aggressive approach to control and prevent future coal ash contamination of water supplies.
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Water scarcity issues to impact global businesses within five years, report claims

November 12, 2013
According to the new Global Water Report 2013, water scarcity problems are set to become more common over the years to come and businesses need to change their approach to water-related risk management.
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Fracking wastewater may be moved by barges under US Coast Guard proposal

November 11, 2013
The possibility of moving fracking wastewater by waterways has been disputed for quite some time and the Coast Guard has been examining the matter for almost two years.
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Wyoming proposes rules to protect groundwater from fracking operations

October 29, 2013
The state of Wyoming has closed its public consultation of new draft rules that aim to protect groundwater from contamination associated with fracking operations.
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US water treatment equipment demand set for healthy growth

October 28, 2013
U.S. demand for water treatment equipment is set to grow by an average annual rate of 6% through 2017, with all segments of the market predicted to expand.
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