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Pepperl + Fuchs Inc.

Operator Workstations

July 23, 2013
This HMI solution with global certifications features a bright LED-backlit LCD panel display with an optically bonded, glove-friendly and sunlight-readable 15- or 19-inch touchscreen for clear resolution in all lighting conditions.
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All-in-one Panel PC and Remote Monitors

November 17, 2011
Pepperl+Fuchs introduces Type 4/4X (IP66) VisuNet IND 8200 Series HMI Panel Mount PCs and Monitors. These Windows-based, all-in-one panel PC and remote monitors mount directly to OEM process machinery or
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Five-Way Adjustable Limit Switch Style Sensors

June 14, 2011
The 5-Way Adjustable Limit Switch Style Sensors are designed for 10-30 VDC operation. The active sensing face of the sensors can be adjusted for front, top, bottom, left, or right
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Detect Transparent, Opaque Objects with New Photoelectric Sensors

November 15, 2010
The photoelectric sensors with clear object detection use reflectors to detect transparent objects up to 2.5-meters away, or opaque objects up to 5-meters away. These sensors can detect transparent
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Repeatable, Reliable Distance Measurement PRT-Based Sensors

April 13, 2010
The sensors are ideally-suited for use in applications where standard background suppression sensors reach their maximum range, or where a long range sensor with a small light spot is required. These
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Online Corrosion Monitoring Transmitter with WirelessHART

February 18, 2010
CorrTran® MV Corrosion Detection Transmitters that deliver multivariable outputs — including general and local corrosion rates and conductivity from a single transmitter – can now deliver that information wirelessly via
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Sensor allows commercial vehicle users access inclination information via interface

December 16, 2009
The inclination sensors are available with a custom interface allowing users to easily configure and monitor the incline or tilt angle of machine elements or equipment platforms in single
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Portable solution for determining corrosion problem areas in pipelines and vessels

September 10, 2009
Normal 0 0 1 156 890 7 1 1092 11.1282 0 0 0 The Division 2 / Zone 2 corrosion data logging system complements the manufacturer’s online corrosion monitoring
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Robust vibration limit switch provides maintenance-free level sensing

March 4, 2009
The sensors are insensitive to material build-up, external vibration and flow noise, and have no mechanical moving parts for reliable, maintenance-free level sensing of bulk solids materials. Specifically designed
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Ultrasonic sensors fit into tight spaces

January 14, 2009
The sensors offer simple push-button programmability, and feature user-selectable beam widths to provide reliable detection over a wide or narrow area. They provide an 800mm sensing range with a
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