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Dwyer Instruments, Inc.

High Accuracy Differential Pressure Transmitter

June 1, 2011
New Series HADP High Accuracy Differential Pressure Transmitter combines low ranges with stability, reliability and an accuracy of ±0.14 percent FS. All models come with NIST certificates, and are available
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Two-Valve Block Manifold for Oil Refineries

April 27, 2011
The Series BBV-0 2-Valve Block Manifold is ideal for use over a broad range of industrial applications including oil refineries, nuclear power stations and petrochemical processing. The Series BBV-0 is
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New Adjustable Differential Pressure Alarm

January 27, 2011
New BDPA Series Adjustable Differential Pressure Alarm with built-in audible and visual set point indication is designed for overpressure, vacuum, and differential pressure applications. The scaled adjustment knob allows changes
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