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OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

Portable Wireless Borescopes

June 23, 2011
New series of wireless Borescopes feature a wireless probe which can operate the instrument anywhere without a cable. The HHB1800 is completely portable and has a strong metal lens sleeve.
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Precision Micro-machined Silicon Transducers and Transmitters

June 15, 2011
The new PXM409 Series precision metric calibrated micro-machined silicon transducers and transmitters have an exceptionally high industrial grade accuracy of 0.08 percent and are supplied with a 5-point NIST traceable
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Wireless Relative Humidity/Temperature Transmitter

May 19, 2011
UWRH-2-NEMA is a wireless relative humidity transmitter that features a stand-alone, compact battery-powered NEMA design that transmits measurements back to a host receiver up to 120 meters away. This unit
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RTD-to-Wireless Connector/Converter

April 27, 2011
New UWRTD transmits process temperature, ambient temperature, signal strength and battery status in real-time, wirelessly to a computer or the Internet. Users can interface up to 12 different wireless connectors
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Handheld Temperature Meter with Wireless Temperature/RH Probe Option

April 13, 2011
The new RH511 Series is a low cost, rugged, high performance handheld temperature/relative humidity/infrared/thermocouple meter. This meter offers many features such as two K type thermocouple inputs, triple LCD display
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Sanitary Thermowell/Removable Sensor for CIP Systems

March 2, 2011
The PRS-TW-M12 Series can be used in clean-in-place systems, allowing the sensor to be removed for calibration or service without disturbing your system. The sensor includes a 4-wire, Class-A, PT100
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3-A Approved Sanitary Probes with Integral Transmitter and M12 Connector

February 15, 2011
The 3-A Approved OMEGA® PRS-TMM12 series transducers are designed for use in sanitary or hygienic Clean-in-Place applications in the food, dairy, beverage and biopharmaceutical industries. These transducers are manufactured with
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Process Control Modules Allow Control of Temperature, Flow, Pressure

February 7, 2011
The CS series of process control modules give the user PID loop control of any process without using a PLC. A variety of modules are offered that allow control of
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Universal Connector Accepts Signals from Nine Thermocouple Types

February 1, 2011
New UTC-USB universal thermocouple connector accepts signals from 9 thermocouple types (J, K, T, E, R, S, B, C and N). Through the USB port, the UTC-USB displays actual temperature
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Differential Pressure, Thermocouple Temperature Data Logger

December 20, 2010
New differential pressure and temperature data loggers operate in real-time. The CE-marked product features three channels: Internal ambient temperature, remote temperature (thermocouple) and remote pressure. The product’s high-speed downloading ability
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