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Swagelok Co.

Series stream selector system leads to efficient sample analysis

June 8, 2009
The series stream selector system delivers a representative sample from multiple sample streams to a single analyzer. These modular assemblies are ANSI/ISA 76.00.02 compatible and accommodate multiple process streams
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New medium-pressure ball valve for pressures to 15,000 psig

May 26, 2009
Designed for improved cycle life in the field, the FKB Series medium-pressure ball valve provides a leak-tight seal for applications up to 15 000 psig (1034 bar). The trunnion-style ball
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Biopharm fittings help eliminate fluid holdup

May 20, 2009
Designed for fluid systems where cleanliness is paramount and entrapment areas must be minimized, the biopharm fittings virtually eliminate fluid hold-up at connection points. The fittings maintain a boreline
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New orbital welding power supply easy to operate

November 26, 2007
The new Swagelok┬« welding system M200 power supply offers ease of use, portability and 200 amp capability—all at a weight of less than 50 pounds. A high-resolution, 12.1-inch color industrial
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