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Spiroflow Systems, Inc.

Bulk Bag Discharging

Bulk Bags have been around for over 25 years and Spiroflow has been there since the beginning. Whether you have been using Bulk Bags for years or are thinking about converting from sacks,rigid containers or silos, then safe, efficient and dust free handling methods are essential to gain maximum benefit.
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Bulk Bag Filling

Over 100 million bulk bags are sold each year worldwide, proving they are now a well established form of packaging, storage and transport - and not just from an economic standpoint.

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Tubular Drag Conveyors

Tubular Drag Conveyors (TDCs) are mechanically driven conveyors that ‘drag’ material along the inside of a tube. They are designed to transfer finely and not so finely divided, flowable bulk materials from in-feed points to discharge points through a totally enclosed conduit. TDCs are positive displacement devices using close-running discs connected by a cable or metal links. They have been used successfully throughout a range of industries for over fifty years.
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Spiroflow Systems Company Overview

Spiroflow conveying, weighing, blending, emptying and filling equipment is used in every corner of the world where bulk materials, ranging from the finest of powders to granules and even lumps, are processed.
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FIBC Filling & Selection

As more products are supplied in Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FlBCs) questions and concerns are being raised about all aspects of the Bulk Bag system of packaging. This article addresses these concerns.

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