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Smart Laser Alignment System

The RS5 sensor from LUDECA, Inc. is a smarter, faster and highly accurate sensor for the mid-range shaft alignment market segment.
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Tablet-based Solution for Pump-motor Alignment

LUDECA's new app tab@lign is a unique tablet-based solution for pump-motor alignment that combines the PRÜFTECHNIK laser measurement technology with a tablet and smartphone devices.
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Where is that vibration coming from?

Production plant analyzes resonance anomaly; looks at condition monitoring program as a profit center
Sometimes in industry, mechanical “circumstances” change. When it happens, a machine train identical to other machine trains can suddenly become atypical. This was exactly the case for Process Water Supply Pump A, whose behavior was very similar to that of its sister pump trains, until something changed. In this article we discuss a problem that was abruptly encountered, the methods used to investigate it and the solution devised.
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A Practical Guide to Pulley Alignment

Laser alignment is an essential component of a proactive maintenance strategy for belt-driven machines. This practical guide provides guidelines and information for the implementation of good pulley alignment of belt-driven
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Machinery Fault Diagnosis Guide

Unbalance, misalignment, bearing failures, gear faults, motor electrical problems, etc. are typical faults experienced in all equipment. Identification and elimination of these faults and other issues are critical to maintaining the
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Why Alignment: Reliability starts with precision shaft alignment

Machinery reliability requires precision shaft alignment. About 50% of vibration based damage to rotating machinery is directly related to misalignment. Well aligned machines reduce operating costs by increasing mean time
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Online Condition Monitoring of Pumps

A Practical Guide to Shaft Alignment

Laser alignment is an essential component of a proactive maintenance strategy for rotating machines. This practical guide provides information and guidelines for the implementation of good shaft alignment of
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Why Pump Money Down the Drain? Reliability Requires Precision Alignment