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Eaton Filtration

Self-Cleaning Water Filters Help Bagel Maker Improve Safety

February 1, 2012
Used extensively in the bagel making process, highly pressurized hot water required during boiling offsets potential quality problems. The process also requires a filtration system to clean raisins, sesame seeds, bits of dough, corn meal and other materials out of the hot water. And that’s where the danger can occur.
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Cost-Effective Single Bag Filter Vessel Provides High Performance

February 4, 2010
The low-cost filter vessel includes a one-piece body design to eliminate the multiple welds typically used to fabricate bag vessel bodies. The vessels feature the standard "no tools required" four-bolt
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Environmentally-friendly series of fully-welded filter bags now available

January 7, 2010
Designed using low-cost, environmentally-friendly materials, the filter bags provide a greater retention efficiency, operational integrity and reliability. The bags feature a molded top ring seal and all-welded construction of new
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