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Reusable bags could lead to more foodborne illnesses

November 4, 2013
The British government has been trying to urge consumers to ditch single-use plastic bags in the hope of reducing waste and carbon emissions, but experts have warned that switching to reusable bags could put food safety at risk.
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India needs to develop food processing potential, industry group says

October 28, 2013
A new report predicts that the country could attract $33 billion of investment over the next decade, boosting the national economy and securing high profits.
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UK poultry industry blames planning curbs for stifling local production

October 21, 2013
According to the British Poultry Council, the country is running out of space to rear chickens and planning curbs are making it extremely difficult to "Buy British."
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US beef shipments blocked in South Korea

October 14, 2013
South Korea has banned the import of certain shipments of U.S. beef, following the discovery of the feed additive known as zilpaterol in meat supplied by the U.S. unit of meat processing company JBS.
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UK poultry processor pleads guilty to selling products with wrong expiration date

October 14, 2013
British poultry manufacturer 2 Sisters Food Group has been fined $176,000 for printing the wrong expiration dates on cooked chicken products manufactured at its facility in Haughley Park, Suffolk.
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Hepatitis A from pomegranate seeds sickens 162 people in 10 states

September 25, 2013
According to the latest update from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Hepatitis A outbreak linked to Townsend Farms Organic Antioxidant Blend has affected 162 people in 10 states.
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US pork exports to Colombia on the rise

September 24, 2013
Just over a year after the trade agreement between the United States and Colombia came into force its effect can already be felt, as exports of U.S. meat are increasing and demand is growing.
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30% of global food production is wasted, UN study shows

September 16, 2013
As much as one-third of the total amount of food produced worldwide is wasted, costing the global economy about $750 billion on an annual basis, a new UN Food and Agriculture Organization report claims.
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British FSA reviews poultry campylobacter strategy

September 6, 2013
Figures released by the agency reveal that campylobacter is the most common cause of food poisoning in the U.K., affecting about 460,000 people each year.
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Antibiotics in chicken kill 280 Brits every year

August 19, 2013
It's been claimed that chicken consumption kills about 280 Britons annually through blood poisoning attributable to ESBL (extended spectrum beta lactamase) E. coli.
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