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Dwyer Instruments, Inc.

Averaging Temperature Sensor

The Series TE-A Averaging Temperature Sensors are used to measure the temperature in large ducts and air handler units. Bendable aluminum capillaries are available in 6-, 12- and 24-foot lengths.
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Rail Mount Differential Pressure Transmitter

The Series 607D DIN Rail Mount Differential Pressure Transmitter senses the pressure of air and compatible gases and sends a standard 4 to 20 mA output signal. The housing is
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Weatherproof Ultrasonic Level Flowmeter Available

The Series ULF is an ultrasonic continuous flow measurement transmitter perfect for maintenance free, non-contact measurement of open channels. This series operates on ultrasonic technology and offers dependable, highly accurate
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Economical Digital Pen Meter for Electrical Testing

The compact, low cost Model PM-1 Digital Pen Meter is ideal for general electrical testing and troubleshooting. A few applications include HVAC, automotive, electrical/power, and environmental monitoring uses. This meter
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Economical True Current Transformers

The current transformers are a low cost alternative for providing true RMS outputs on distorted AC waveforms. True RMS outputs are ideal for nonlinear loads or noisy circuits. For existing
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