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Material Transfer & Storage Inc.

Drum Discharging System

This drum discharging system safely and efficiently empties drums of various materials into your process.
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Bulk Bag Discharging and Weighing System

The patented MATERIAL MASTERâ„¢ BULK BAG DISCHARGING SYSTEM provides sealed discharge of dry bulk materials.
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Bulk Bag Material Conditioner

Discharging bulk bags containing material that has solidified, hardened or agglomerated can cause serious operational bottlenecks. Conditioning and emptying bulk bags can be dangerous if the proper equipment is not
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Hydraulic Container Dumper

Unit accepts containers of bulk solid material and discharges the containers at 57” above floor level. Unit has a 60" wide x 48" deep loading "skip" with heavy plate steel
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Dust-Tight Drum Discharging System

System safely inverts drums of dusty powders and meters the contents into an existing vessel. MTS hydraulic Lift & Seal System™ seals drum to a dust-tight pour cone with outlet
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