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New Spin on Flow Metering

June 2, 2014
With Burkert's new patented FLOWave technology without sensor elements in the measuring tube, many flow measurement problems are things of the past – medium contact being one of them.
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Excellent alternative to 3-15 psi regulating air

December 6, 2013
These electro-pneumatic positioners are for integrated mounting on pneumatic control valves with single-acting or double-acting actuators. The control-valve systems can be used for a wide range of tasks in fluid technology and can be applied to any hygienic sanitary single-seat valve.
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Alternative for Flow Electronics of Full Bore Magmeters

August 15, 2011
With the new type SE56 Basic, Bürkert is offering many users an attractive alternative for flow electronics of full bore magmeters, especially in the water treatment sector. In many standard
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