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San Jacinto wastewater treatment plant upgrade expected to finish this November

January 23, 2014
Once the upgrade is completed, the plant will have a daily capacity of 14 million gallons of water, up from 11 million gallons.
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Uniform standards introduced for water, wastewater operator certification programs

January 21, 2014
The Model Standards of Operator Certification address a significant industry need for consistency among the management of state public water and wastewater systems.
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South Carolina water company wins prestigious award for high performance standards

January 14, 2014
Greenville Water has been named the winner of the Phase IV Presidents Award, which is handed out to utilities that have met the most stringent quality standards and is quite rarely awarded.
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Antibiotic-resistant gene in Chinese wastewater treatment plant discharge

December 31, 2013
Researchers claim that several wastewater treatment plants in China have been discharging water containing an antibiotic-resistant gene.
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Share of private ownership in desalination projects increases

December 19, 2013
The Global Desalination Market Trends & Ownership Strategies 2014-2018 report found that the Middle East will continue to play a crucial role in the development of the desalination market.
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Study finds low levels of chemicals in one in three US water utilities

December 10, 2013
Potentially dangerous chemicals were detected in more than one in three water utilities that were monitored for a new study carried out by the U.S. Geological Survey and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
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Illinois water officials sentenced for concealing contaminated water supplies

December 6, 2013
Two former water officials in the town of Crestwood, Ill., have each been sentenced at a U.S. District Court to two years of probation for manipulating records showing that the town's water supplies had been tainted for two decades.
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Florida should explore desalination options, expert says

December 4, 2013
Florida needs to focus on desalination and invest in projects that could turn seawater into freshwater as it is facing a serious water scarcity problem.
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60,000 gallons of effluent discharged into Chesapeake Bay

December 3, 2013
Approximately 60,000 gallons of partially treated wastewater were released into Chesapeake Bay on Friday as a result of Maryland's Chesapeake Beach Wastewater Treatment Plant failure to hold a large amount of rainfall over a short period of time.
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New Jersey wastewater plant uses anaerobic digestion to produce power

November 26, 2013
The Village of Ridgewood, N.J., has launched a new project at the local wastewater treatment plant that entirely relies on renewable energy.
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