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New coal-related incident in West Virginia raises water safety questions

February 13, 2014
Officials from the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection said that there had been a significant spill from the Kanawha Eagle Prep processing facility near Winifrede.
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Half of fracking wells in water-stressed areas

February 12, 2014
According to a new report by green investment group Ceres, hydraulic fracturing is fueling demand for water that many areas in the United States are unable to meet, since they are already water-stressed.
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Global water treatment chemicals market to reach $30.6 billion in 2017

February 6, 2014
The global water treatment chemicals market will be influenced by increasing water quality standards in manufacturing, as well as other industrial uses.
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Scientists debate link between Oklahoma earthquakes, fracking wastewater

February 4, 2014
Research on the effect of injecting fracking wastewater on seismic activity in the state of Oklahoma has divided the U.S. scientific community.
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Study dispels myth about disproportionate wastewater production from fracking wells

January 28, 2014
Natural gas wells where hydraulic fracturing is used generate less wastewater per unit of gas recovered compared to conventional wells.
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Oklahoma considers rule changes for wastewater disposal wells

January 22, 2014
Under proposals being considered by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, operators of wastewater disposal wells could find themselves obliged to supply local regulators with more information.
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Kentucky oil well operators plead guilty to illegal wastewater discharges

January 21, 2014
Persistent violations of the Safe Drinking Water Act have resulted in a two-year probation sentence for Kentucky oil well operators Charles L. Stinson and Ralph Dowell.
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Radioactivity in fracking water reduced with new method

January 15, 2014
The method mixes fracking wastewater with acid drainage from mining operations or with salty water to create easily removable solids.
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Chilean mines may be required to use desalinated water

January 14, 2014
Chilean members of parliament are proposing a bill that would require mining companies to use desalinated water in mining processes, in a bid to reduce fresh water consumption while meeting the industry's growing water needs.
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Fracking-related water contamination confirmed in several states

January 8, 2014
At least three states -- Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia -- have confirmed water pollution in response to complaints related to hydraulic fracturing operations.
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