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Dallas to start old water mains replacement project

April 22, 2014
Although the water quality meets state and federal standards, the aging pipeline infrastructure gives the water a yellowish tint, most often after rainstorms.
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Water leaders urge passage of water infrastructure legislation

April 8, 2014
More than 130 water utility leaders from 46 states traveled to Capitol Hill on April 1 to advocate for the creation of a Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Authority during the American Water Works Association’s Water Matters! Fly In.
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Bureau of reclamation grants $44.3 million to water system projects

March 6, 2014
The grants will be used to support and finance projects including infrastructure upgrades, maintenance, restoration of aquatic habitats and improving water resiliency.
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Pennsylvania city reaps benefits from green infrastructure project

March 6, 2014
Utilizing green infrastructure can provide a number of environmental and economic benefits and can prove to be a cost-effective solution to deal with stormwater.
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North Carolina counties plan pipeline to improve water delivery

February 6, 2014
The project will take approximately 30 years to complete and will cost around $60 million.
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San Diego desalination plant marking first year of construction

January 31, 2014
The plant is lauded as the largest seawater desalination facility in the Western Hemisphere and is estimated to be costing about $1 billion.
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Revenues from 'smart water management' solutions to top $12 billion in 2018

January 29, 2014
The smart water management solutions category includes, among others, enterprise asset management for water and wastewater utilities, monitoring of water distribution networks, advanced pressure management, meter data management and residential water efficiency software.
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Florida eco-groups demand clean water commitment from state leaders

January 28, 2014
Environmental groups in Florida have urged Gov. Rick Scott and state legislators to put their signatures on a "clean water declaration" and ensure the future supply of clean water through collaboration on anti-pollution measures.
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2014 US Water Prize winners announced

January 23, 2014
In the midst of California's worst drought in more than a century, Ben Grumbles, president of the U.S. Water Alliance, announced awardees of the 2014 U.S. Water Prize while speaking to the California Irrigation Institute conference attendees in Sacramento.
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Researchers predict future of water stress, scarcity

January 17, 2014
MIT researchers estimate that by 2050 as many as 5 billion people will be affected by water scarcity to at least some extent.
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