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Drinking Water

Energy consumption biggest expense for desalination plants

May 7, 2013
According to a new report from the Pacific Institute, the biggest expense for desalination plants is energy, accounting for as much as half of the entire bill.
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FBI investigates break-in at Georgia water treatment plant

April 30, 2013
According to officials, someone broke into the plant and changed the system settings for chlorine and fluoride injection, which has resulted in the plant being shut down.
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California violated Safe Drinking Water Act, EPA says

April 23, 2013
The California Department of Public Health has violated the Safe Drinking Water Act by failing to spend a large portion of the federal money provided through the Safe Drinking Water State Revolving Fund, according to a noncompliance notice.
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Oklahoma, Texas in legal battle over Red River water

April 17, 2013
The U.S. Supreme Court is to hear oral arguments from Oklahoma City and a Texas water district about their dispute over the use of southeast Oklahoma water.
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Illinois Governor announces $21.5 million clean water project

April 16, 2013
Illinois Governor Pat Quinn announced on Monday a $21.5 million investment for a major upgrade of the Kankakee River Metropolitan Agency (KRMA) wastewater treatment plant that will create more than 600 construction jobs in the area.
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Dow Water announces partnership with Finland's Ahlstrom

April 3, 2013
Dow Water & Process Solutions has signed a collaboration agreement with Finnish company Ahlstrom that would allow it to use the Ahlstrom Disruptor technology for drinking water applications.
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EPA to fund water quality education for New York City high schoolers

April 2, 2013
The funding will be used to educate New York City high school students about water quality and wastewater treatment and prepare them for environmental careers.
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Waterborne microbial disease still the greatest risk to water supplies

Rehabilitation prevents leaks and breaks where inoculation and accumulation occur
April 1, 2013
Traditionally, most microbial waterborne diseases in the United States are gastrointestinal and short-term, self-resolving infections. They can include bacterial pathogens, enterovirus, rotavirus, norovirus and hepatitis A virus, or protozoa like Cryptosporidium and giardia.
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Lockheed Martin develops innovative desalination membrane

March 26, 2013
Lockheed Martin has been awarded a patent for its latest invention -- Perforene material, a molecular filtration solution that can turn seawater into fresh water and may help to meet the increased demand for potable water worldwide.
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New Jersey utility manipulated water samples to hide industrial solvent

March 11, 2013
The East Orange Water Commission will have to pay $400,000 in fines following the discovery that the New Jersey utility had deliberately hidden information about elevated levels of an industrial solvent in drinking water.
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