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Kevin Parker

Kevin Parker, editorial director of Processing magazine, has been writing about process industry, automation and information-technology markets for more than 20 years.


Fluid dynamics as a logic application

Water-droplet computing could lead to chemical or biological lab-on-a-chip
Applying its expertise in manipulating droplet fluid dynamics and knowing what a computer’s operating clock is about, the lab demonstrated “a synchronous, universal droplet logic and control.”
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‘It’s Chinatown, Jake’

Once again the waters get murky in an unfolding California saga with noir-like touches
Oil & gas exploration, well-drilling and petroleum production can be done safely without damaging natural drinking-water resources. But, due to sloth and greed, it doesn’t always happen.
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The saga of the machine segues into the 21st century

Circa 1985, say, Rockwell Automation was largely still a white-shirt-and-tie engineering company, just as IBM was a white-shirt-and-tie information-technology company. The overwhelming influence since that time of Silicon Valley, culturally as well as technologically, changed those two companies and many others as well.
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System Platform, services in spotlight at Schneider Electric software

Continuing technology convergence comes from market consolidation; application of commercial technologies in industrial computing
With its acquisition of Invensys, a big chunk of today’s multi-billion-dollar industrial-automation software market is in the hands of Schneider Electric — including the Wonderware, SimSci and Avantis brands.
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Challenges for some, opportunities for others

Endress + Hauser bets on a growing U.S. economy; services growth a response to changing industry demographics
“Information and energy” are why things will be looking pretty darn good the next several years for North American economies, the process industries and IT-based automation and instrumentation markets.
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To manage you must measure

United Water divides districts into ‘virtual’ zones, cuts non-revenue water loss more than 1 million gallons/day
In less than one year, United Water's operations in Westchester County, New York, cut its non-revenue water losses by more than 1 million gallons a day, or more than five percent of average daily production.
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It gets ugly quick, when the water runs out

From Los Angeles to San Francisco Bay, at least 15 desalination-plant proposals are current along the California coast. No wonder all eyes are on the $1-billion Carlsbad desalination plant. Post 2016, it’ll knock out about 50 million gallons of potable water a day and be the largest such plant in the Western hemisphere.
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