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Articles by Kevin Parker

SCADA at the ARC Industry Forum

Of the more than 750 attendees at the recent ARC Industry Forum held in Orlando, Fla., 35 of them had the word “global” in their job title. The Forum attracts automation vendors drawn by attendee companies like BASF, Cargill, Chevron Energy, Corning and Exxon Mobil. The theme this year was the continuing and evolutionary impact of the Internet of things on the industrial world.
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From Finland to the world

Heavy-duty valve, pump maker plans further geographic and product line expansion
The thing we call globalization was early taken advantage of – was in fact first accomplished by – industrial mega-corporations with the means to distribute product worldwide. The next step taken was to position productive capacity in regional configurations.
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Water issues are central to West Virginia coal industry future

Impact on water quality goes well beyond immediate consequences of chemical spill
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An industrial taxonomy extended to process industries

A commonality, usually unremarked, exists across companies in how things like product-design, engineering, production and distribution get done. It’s an obvious observation, no doubt, but you have to admit the nuances involved are endless.
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Nestlé enjoys decade of trouble-free cartridge dust-collector performance

Supplier determination and innovative approach enhances employee health and safety
When the Nestlé Prepared Foods Co. came to Jonesboro, Ark., a little more than a decade ago, Lee Morgan, the president of Jonesboro-based Camfil Air Pollution Control (APC), said, “We must have that business.”
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We saw it at the Chem Show in New York City

It was cold walking the streets to the Jacob Javits Center for last week’s Chem Show. Inside, a warm feeling pervaded as tough times are past and the industry outlook is modestly upbeat. The idea that consumers want a solution, not a product, is not a new one. But there is a quickening of the pace at which various plant functions are being out-sourced to third parties.
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And the very devil is in them

Perhaps it’s because that’s where it was finally pounded into his head — or because it has the word “attention” in it — but this editor always assumed the phrase “attention to detail” came out of the military.
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An industrial taxonomy extended to the process industries

Allows assessment of capabilities, including those of your suppliers
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All water problems are local

Culligan guy now appears on plant floors — software in hand
Almost everyone knows “Hey, Culligan man,” from the radio and television commercials that have spanned decades and are part of American culture. That “raucous” voice and that phrase are a big part of why Culligan, the provider of home water softeners and filtration systems, is such a recognizable brand name to consumers.
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Geography is truth when it comes to water issues

Chicago, Western Australia, Singapore and San Francisco share WEFTEC stage
The mayor of Chicago was running late. Therefore, those attending WEFTEC’s plenary session, and not the previous keynote session, ended up getting to listen to his Honor Rahm Emanuel brag on his city repeatedly being recognized for having the “best-tasting” water in the United States.
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