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Articles by Kevin Parker

Coca-Cola talks electrolyzed water sanitation for CIP

Clean-in-Place is a big deal in the food & beverage industries. Once a processor has its CIP down pat — and we mean pat — managers will be extremely loath to change it. So when an industry giant like Coca-Cola talks about major changes to the way it cleans and sanitizes, it may pay to listen.
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2013 Breakthrough Products on display in NYC at December’s Chem Show

Even for those especially adverse to the cold, the allure of Christmastime in Manhattan, as so lusciously depicted in the Hollywood movies, is a powerful one.
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The global nature of the process industries illustrated

Engineers enjoy their work. Yet the education, training and supply of engineering talent can be buffeted by global industry and market forces that at times can seem capricious.
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Unique liquid-mixing method addresses viscosity, volume challenges

‘Pulses’ of air or gas move liquid tank contents in unexpected but highly beneficent ways
An innovative way to use pneumatics to mix, blend or agitate liquid-filled tanks, vessels and basins, has found application in the food, chemical and oil & gas industries.
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Diamond-coated mechanical seals promise pump energy savings

ven as controversies still clog media airwaves with strident opinions about how “real” various impending resource crises actually are, our engineers are finding the increasingly needed solutions.
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Geography is truth when it comes to water issues

Chicago, Western Australia, Singapore and San Francisco share WEFTEC stage and many challenges
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True cost of wastewater treatment starts to hit home

EPA mandates major improvements, even where permit limits are already met; think tanks and suppliers see the wisdom of it
Residents of the beautiful Fox River valley west of Chicago, which includes the cities and towns of Aurora, St. Charles, Batavia and Geneva, recently received by morning mail something of a rude awakening.
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Process-equipment engineering firm continues to march

Twenty-seven years ago, Rex Plaizier had little idea that Salt Lake City, Utah-based WesTech Engineering would prove to be such a big part of his life.
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Leading-edge technology in the gritty process industries

A few years ago, this editor was in San Francisco. Two events were going on.
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The pump in poetry

19th century epic “Don Juan” reveals possible origins of industry trade publishing
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