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Articles by Kevin Parker

The pump in poetry

19th century epic “Don Juan” reveals possible origins of industry trade publishing
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Family-owned Endress + Hauser a refreshing anomaly in global automation market

Over the past 35 years, industrial automation has evolved from a domain inhabited by newly minted companies controlled by entrepreneurial founders to become a global market dominated by publicly traded, multi-billion dollar corporations.Automation supplier Endress + Hauser is something of an anomaly in this regard.
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Huge jump projected in Asia-Pacific oil-industry automation spending

Yet compared to other process industries, upstream oil & gas is a horse of a different color. Projects are financed differently; take place in remote locations; and there is a profound distrust of anything “not invented here.”
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Security through obscurity: an electricity grid hiding in plain sight

An exercise will soon be underway to see how ready the North American electricity industry is to respond to a “major security incident.” A physical attack on hard-to-replace components could result in a widespread, sustained electrical blackout, interrupting water, gasoline and food supplies, experts say.
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Unique liquid-mixing method addresses viscosity, volume challenges

“Pulses” of air or gas move liquid tank contents in unexpected but highly beneficent ways
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Marketplaces of malevolence

The Stuxnet attack on Iran’s uranium enrichment facilities and the Shamoon attacks on industrial companies in the Mideast have been a wake-up call for the process industries, says ARC Advisory Group.
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Work done to get water pumps to world’s poorest farmers

It’s a real question: how do you bring 21st century technology to global regions that don’t yet have true capitalism?
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Stepping pump, solar-powered pump will help world’s poorest farmers

It’s a real question: how do you bring 21st century technology to global regions that don’t yet have true capitalism? One further wrinkle — and an urgent one it is — the technology you’re dealing with is for one of life’s biggest got-to-haves: water.
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Bent-tube Coriolis flowmeter slated for entrained gas, high-temp applications

All digital signal processing means the measuring tube’s resonant oscillation frequency is retained under all process conditions
About one year ago, Krohne introduced its latest bent-tube Coriolis flowmeter, the Optimass 6400. As the instrument nears gaining F.M. and C.S.A. approval for use in hazardous areas, the company anticipates that the flowmeter will find increasing application, including for entrained gas and extreme temperature conditions.
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Flow, the secret to happiness

It’s a state of mind, it’s an Android app and it can be induced in work groups
The idea of “flow” as a mental state that you can almost put your hands on, or that at least in some sense is measurable and quantifiable, got its greatest or initial impetus from a psychologist named Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, whose research has been published in books with titles like The Concept of Flow; Beyond Boredom and Anxiety; and The Flow Experience and its Significance for Human Psychology.
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