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Articles by Kevin Parker

Flow, the secret to happiness

It’s a state of mind, it’s an Android app and it can be induced in work groups
The idea of “flow” as a mental state that you can almost put your hands on, or that at least in some sense is measurable and quantifiable, got its greatest or initial impetus from a psychologist named Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, whose research has been published in books with titles like The Concept of Flow; Beyond Boredom and Anxiety; and The Flow Experience and its Significance for Human Psychology.
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Stepping pump a first step in helping world's poorest farmers

How do you bring 21st century technology to global regions that don’t yet have true capitalism? One further wrinkle — the technology you’re dealing with is for one of life’s biggest got-to-haves: water.
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‘Motor coalition’ asks DOE to reconsider proposed energy- efficiency rating change

Alternative suggested for rating increases that could cost hundreds of millions, impact both users and OEMs
Unless simply tired of the subject, almost anyone would agree that in the 21st century energy efficiency is a matter of considerable importance to the process industries. But, as per usual, how to get from here to there can quickly become a matter of heated debate.
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Fire, water, fuel and the mile-high city

In early June, editors from Processing magazine were at the AWWA ACE13 annual conference & exposition in Denver, Colo. Temperatures there under the brightest of blue skies were 90 F much of the time, warm for the time of year.
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Rotary lobe pump conveys highly abrasive bonding primer

A recently developed rotary lobe pump addresses conveying challenges encountered during the production of highly abrasive bonding primer at Knauf Bauproducte Iphofen of Iphofen, Germany.
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It supports operations intelligence in today's process enterprise

The Dow Chemical Co. was an early adopter of a “manufacturing intelligence” solution just introduced for general availability by Portland, Ore.-based Northwest Analytics.
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Long-awaited robot revolution may still be on way

Three current trends in industrial robotics, says Dale Arndt, an engineering manager with Fanuc Robotics Canada, are a) smaller robots, b) larger robots and c) robots that work in close collaboration with humans. Arndt was speaking on the show floor at PTX Canada, held in mid-May in Toronto.
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"Intelligence" system that’s right for the plant floor, while delivering enterprise solutions

The Dow Chemical Co. is an early adopter of a “manufacturing intelligence” solution just introduced for general availability by Portland, Ore.-based Northwest Analytics. The system, already used in 14 Dow Chemical plants, makes it easier to accomplish data-source integration and real-time process analytics and visibility.
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All shale gas, all the time

Not that many years ago, this editor worked in Houston on a magazine about technologies used in exploration and upstream production in the oil and gas industry.
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What's holding up the revolution?

Mobility users reliant on VPN connections often struggle with limited capabilities
About 70% of maintenance personnel have at least some mobile access to maintenance data, according to a just-released survey of more than 200 executives in industrial companies. But only a minority is doing work in enterprise software from a mobile device.
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