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Articles by Kevin Parker

The romance of stainless steel explicated at Interphex

When this editor was stationed in the engineering department some years ago, the mechanical engineers, and especially the engineering director, used to get a bit dreamy-eyed when the subject turned to stainless steel.

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The world of water is modeled in its software applications

Software systems that automate enterprise, operations and maintenance functions (and water the golf course)
Software suppliers have spent the last 20 years modeling — in various codes, arcane and otherwise — the doings of the water and process industries, including for the business enterprise and for operations, engineering and maintenance.
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Grinding industrial water-price increases lead to conservation

Where does an operations manager in a mid-sized industrial enterprise turn when water-treatment bills sky-rocket? Because make no doubt about it, that’s what they're doing.
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Rising water costs could cause major shifts in processing landscape

In the last 12 years, says a recently published survey,“water rates have at least doubled in more than a quarter of the locations and even tripled in a few.” Continuing rate increases are expected of 5% to 15% every few years.
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Search for single source of truth continues

Virtual strategies for asset management in oil & gas and other process industries
For most process-industry professionals, the upstream oil and gas industry is a horse of a different color.
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SCADA water station ‘honeypot’ attracts 39 attacks from 14 countries

SCADA hit the front pages about two years ago when it came out that the Stuxnet virus had attacked Iranian centrifuges for processing nuclear materials.
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SCADA ‘honeypot’ mimics water station, attracts 39 attacks from 14 different countries

SCADA systems are today the most common means for establishing computer-based production monitoring and control. While the SCADA security challenge is widely recognized, just how bad it is can be hard to say, since, for most companies, little is to be gained by talking publicly about the problem.It took only 18 hours to find the first signs of attack on one of the honeypots.
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Space-age water treatment less constrained by gravity

Are water markets around the world getting serious about conservation and reuse?
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Computer-age coordination of age-old processes

Have you seen some of the things they do with industrial-plant software models today? As always, it’s the meshing of user roles that makes an integrated system sing.
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Availability, security and the internet of things

The question is not what the process industries are trying to accomplish by means of industrial information technology. But rather, Patricia T. Sparrell of Exxon Mobil says, “As you drive performance by opening up data and collaboration, how do you ensure cyber-security?”
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