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Jesse Yoder PhD.

Jesse Yoder, Ph.D., is president of Flow Research, Inc., a company he founded in 1998. He has 26 years of experience as an analyst and writer in process control. Dr. Yoder specializes in flowmeters and other field devices, including pressure, level and temperature products. He has written over 150 market research studies in industrial automation and process control and has published over 200 journal articles. He recently authored Volume X: The World Market for Flowmeters, 4th Edition (


The flowmeter technology/application matrix

For example, insertion flowmeters and large pipe diameters have a certain affinity
Flowmeters are classified several ways, including as traditional, “new technology” or emerging.
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Ultrasonic flowmeters wow them at CEESI Workshop

One of the most notable annual events in the flowmeter world is the Colorado Engineering Experiment Station, Inc. (CEESI) Ultrasonic Meter Workshop. The first was held in Clear Lake, Iowa, in 2001 and drew 37 attendees. In 2013, the conference was in Denver, with more than 180 participants.
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Custody transfer of natural gas: Cooperation leads to success

AGA and API helped make it possible, and suppliers responded with flowmeters that conform to standards
Custody transfer is flow’s fastest growing application, with the possible exception of multiphase flowmeter applications, which also tend to be oil-and-gas related.
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A decade dominated by the rise of new-technology flowmeters

Expect the trend toward new-technology flowmeters that has been established over the past 10 years to continue. However, the picture is likely to become more complex as emerging technologies begin to make their presence felt.
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LNG: key to supplying Asia Pacific energy needs

Australia uses about half the natural gas it produces, and exports the rest in the form of LNG
China and India tend to grab the headlines when it comes to economic growth in Asia. But when it comes to energy, the entire Asia-Pacific region is of extreme interest and encompasses much more than can be contained within those two countries’ borders.
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