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Bob Donnelly

Bob DonnellyValve automation pioneer Bob Donnelly has built several brands into market leaders in their respective niches in the process control automation market in North America. As vice president of marketing at Flo-Tite Valves & Controls, Bob is positioning Flo-Tite to be a major competitor in the U.S. valve market by promoting the company's engineering capabilities to solve process control problems for end-user engineers. His new book on Personal Branding is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The soft cover version will be available before the end of March.


Shopping for solutions

Why would a salesperson want to see me?
Today’s best way to source a valve solution — like so much else in the industrial world — leverages the supply-chain coordination and communication advances following from on-going computerization, digitization and what industrial research analysts like to call “the internet of things.”
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Consider the control valve

Loops everywhere you look, if you look hard enough
A process plant is a kind of control-loop network, with multitudes of automated, semi-automated and manual control loops embedded within it. Other loops are mostly interpersonal or may be the product of one person’s thought processes, perhaps expressed by means of a spreadsheet.
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V-port valves used cost-effectively for tight shut-off and control

Advances in electronics and materials of construction have increased the attractiveness of V-Port control valves for tight shut-off and control applications.
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Media containment: Still a major concern

Any leakage from a valve in service is a major concern. It is even more critical when the process being controlled involves hazardous materials.
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Ask the Valve Expert: Valve for high-temperature application

I am looking for a ball valve for a high temperature fine solids pilot plant operation (~ 1" - 2" valve) that can withstand 550 C temperatures and abrasive solids. Any thoughts on a valve that can withstand this extreme service?
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Ask the Valve Expert: 'Bubble-tight' service

Please define "bubble-tight" service when we have butterfly valves. Does this apply only to ANSI rated high performance valves or does resilient seated valves also have such a rating?
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Ask the Valve Expert: Fruit juice processing application

What type of valve is suitable to maintain liquid level in a 7,000 gallon tank?
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Ask the Valve Expert: New valve automation technology

Benefits follow use of larger-series pneumatic rack-and-pinion actuators

The extended size range of today’s pneumatic rack-and-pinion valve actuators that can now automate up to 32-inch butterfly valves, and up to 14-inch ball valves, offers an advantageous alternative to the large-size, scotch-yoke actuator mechanism that has been popular in industry for quite some time.
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Easy maintenance characteristic of two-piece, reduced-bore split-body ball valve

As an alternative to one-piece ball valve body designs, a new split-body valve series with a two-piece bolted-body design meets ANSI take-out dimensions for either a long full port or short reduced port pattern.
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