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Articles by Bob Donnelly

Shopping for solutions

Why would a salesperson want to see me?
Today’s best way to source a valve solution — like so much else in the industrial world — leverages the supply-chain coordination and communication advances following from on-going computerization, digitization and what industrial research analysts like to call “the internet of things.”
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Consider the control valve

Loops everywhere you look, if you look hard enough
A process plant is a kind of control-loop network, with multitudes of automated, semi-automated and manual control loops embedded within it. Other loops are mostly interpersonal or may be the product of one person’s thought processes, perhaps expressed by means of a spreadsheet.
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V-port valves used cost-effectively for tight shut-off and control

Advances in electronics and materials of construction have increased the attractiveness of V-Port control valves for tight shut-off and control applications.
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Media containment: Still a major concern

Any leakage from a valve in service is a major concern. It is even more critical when the process being controlled involves hazardous materials.
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Ask the Valve Expert: Valve for high-temperature application

I am looking for a ball valve for a high temperature fine solids pilot plant operation (~ 1" - 2" valve) that can withstand 550 C temperatures and abrasive solids. Any thoughts on a valve that can withstand this extreme service?
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Ask the Valve Expert: 'Bubble-tight' service

Please define "bubble-tight" service when we have butterfly valves. Does this apply only to ANSI rated high performance valves or does resilient seated valves also have such a rating?
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Ask the Valve Expert: Fruit juice processing application

What type of valve is suitable to maintain liquid level in a 7,000 gallon tank?
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Ask the Valve Expert: New valve automation technology

Benefits follow use of larger-series pneumatic rack-and-pinion actuators

The extended size range of today’s pneumatic rack-and-pinion valve actuators that can now automate up to 32-inch butterfly valves, and up to 14-inch ball valves, offers an advantageous alternative to the large-size, scotch-yoke actuator mechanism that has been popular in industry for quite some time.
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Easy maintenance characteristic of two-piece, reduced-bore split-body ball valve

As an alternative to one-piece ball valve body designs, a new split-body valve series with a two-piece bolted-body design meets ANSI take-out dimensions for either a long full port or short reduced port pattern.
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