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Articles by Joe Lewis

FCC rule changes for radar level sensing should benefit all

Changes have been a long time coming, say industry sources
Radar has been used commercially as a core technology in process measurement for decades, both in contact and non-contact forms. Radar level-measurement sensor use has grown significantly, with tens-of-thousands of installations worldwide.
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Measure solids level even when material flow problems exist

Measuring the level of solids material can be difficult, if the level being measured is changing or the powder or other bulk-solid material being measured doesn’t flow easily through a bin.
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Solids level detection – what method is best?

Questions have crossed my desk recently specific to solids level detection applications. People ask why I recommend rotary-paddle technology so often. The answer is simple, once you understand how each available technology fits into the application map.
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Measure level or weight?

The correct answer depends on the objective
Do you ask yourself whether it’s best to measure level or weight? You should, in regards to monitoring your inventory of bulk solids in bins and silos.
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